Board of Directors

Dr. Tom Nettles
Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary
Louisville, KY

Dr. Brian Vickers
Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary
Louisville, KY

Ptr. Thomson Chung
Pastor, Bible teacher, Church planter, translator of Reformed literature into Chinese
Trinity Baptist Fellowship of Hong Kong, a ministry of Trinity Baptist Church of Montville, New Jersey
Ptr. Jason McClanahan
Randolph Street Baptist Church
Charleston, WV

Advisory Board
  • Dr. Al Mohler
    President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY

  • Dr. D. A. Carson
    Professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL

    "This project has enormous potential. If the books are chosen well and the translations are first class, the potential influence for the gospel, the promise of edifying and strengthening believers, the hope for raising biblical and theological literacy, can scarcely be overestimated."

  • Rev. Richard Owen Roberts
    International Awakening Ministries, Wheaton, IL

    "I have personally been profoundly affected over a period of many years by quality Christian literature. Many of my acquaintances can offer the same testimony. I cannot imagine anything men could do that would have greater potential long-term benefit to a nation, than providing its peoples, in their own language, the best Christian books of the past. I could wish myself young enough to be actively engaged with the Robert Morrison Project!"

  • Mr. Jon Sceggel, CPA
    Caldwell, Coren & Sceggel
    Darien, IL